2014 – What is in store?

Crocuses in the snow.

Crocuses in the snow.









The winter seems to have come early and is much too cold and windy! We will all remember the winter of 2013-2014 as bitterly cold with hardly any snow.

The good thing is that winter won’t last forever and soon we will see signs of spring.

Things at Rolling Acres Farm are moving along with planning, ordering seed, repairing equipment, keeping the chickens happy and a little rest and relaxation.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news about our CSA and what great produce we will be producing for your salivating mouths and growling stomachs!

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One thought on “2014 – What is in store?

  1. As a friend of mine said this past Sunday, “I believe that Winter’s back has been broken.” Indeed it seems so. The air smells of humidity and earth and I’ve seen the season’s first robins. The next sure sign for me is seeing the first blossoms on the Forsythia bushes. We know that there will be a surprise or two before that happens though. Hope all on the farm is well. Looking forward to more news from you.
    Michael Zlomke

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